Sunday, March 10, 2013


Our last day!

Some detail shots...

End of a great installation, thanks to Dixie, Kate and everyone at the Love Field Airport that made working there so enjoyable!

Safely Landing

We are making a small sample for Dixie.

And today we pack up our tools, it's our last day!

We have to take apart the crates...

And dismantle and return the scaffolding.

End of day 25!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Up In The Air

Ferruccio flies home to Montreal today.

Dixie and Mike try to hide from grouting duties but they could have picked a better hiding spot!

Taking out the garbage at the end of the day...
We had people come to alter the lights on the mosaic today, it makes a great difference.

End of day 23!

Dirty Work

Another full day of grouting is ahead of us. It actually takes a long time to grout an 1100 square foot mosaic in 6 different colors!

We're lucky to have a nice place to take lunch when the weather is nice (almost always). The bronze trees by Sherry Owens in the Moss Lee Love Garden.
After lunch, it's back to grouting.

The Mexican Hat and the surrounding area is not fully grouted but almost.

End of day 22! We end all of our days by putting our tools in the crate and screwing them shut. I'm sure travelers would be tempted to steal buckets of water and stepladders if we didn't!

Counter Clockwise

As we get near the end, there is a lot of stripping of tape and cleanup.

And of course, a lot of grouting.

End of day 21!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Landing On The Runway

Kate's bag.

These are the last pieces and they are all going up today.

Dixie and Kate are grouting the blue bonnets, most of them are low relief inserts.

Because Ferruccio is cutting the top pieces to measure, they are always a perfect fit!

Mike troweling for the last time on this installation.

The last piece!

End of day 20!

To celebrate today`s accomplishment we went to get authentic Texas barbeque. Unfortunately, Dixie has gone to Houston and Kate to Chicago for the weekend so we ate enough for 5!

Prepare For Landing

Ferruccio cuts the mosaic to fit the top row.

Dixie and Kate grouting.

Today we installed the last of the low relief pieces.

End of day 19!